The original plan was to release this pack in the winter, but a ton of freelance followed by a few in-house design contracts delayed it for a bit.

Anywho, who the heck is Stubby Duckworth? Well, that's long story that I'll dive more into somewhere down the line. But for the past year and a half or so I've been using it as an alias on Instagram to explore different illustration and printmaking styles without having to attach my name to it. 

There's been a bunch of fun stuff going on behind the scenes, but don't expect anything TBP related until 2019 at the earliest (it will happen.) Until then we'll continue to release Stubby Duckworth's Special Projects pieces that will range from stickers and prints, to zines and cookbooks, maybe a small run of hats or pins eventually. The idea is for SDSP to exist as a creative outlet without the pressure of collections, seasons, or budget. Simple, fun personal creative explorations.

You can check out Stubby Duckworth's Special Projects Volume 01, which contains a magnet and a whole bunch of fun stickers packed wonderfully in a #'d and printed envelope in the shop here.

You can follow Stubby on Instagram @StubbyDuckworth. Website launching eventually.

Thanks for reading and hoping to stay more consistent with the content going forward!