Oak-n-Iron X The Beaten Path Workwear Collection Lookbook

Late fall. Our favorite time of the year in the Northeast. Time to break out the bean boots and flannel, switch from iced to hot lattes, pull out the rakes, be assaulted by pumpkin spiced everything, and best of all; the release of our second collection with Oak-n-Iron. 

Last year, we brought you an early fall Trailwear line, perfect for taking in the last bit of the outdoors, before the weather cools and we have to retreat back indoors for the season. This year, we bring you our Holiday 2015 Workwear line, perfect for hanging out in the workshop, around the house, your favorite coffee shop or pub; a line designed to fit in perfectly this holiday season.  Featuring a few of your favorite products, totally redesigned for 2015 - and some new, never before imagined by us.

Available November 19th at btnpthny.com and at select pop-up events TBA.