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TBP Photo Journal TX2: Houston II

While I didn't have the time I wanted to be able to explore the city and write about my experiences, Houston has still treated me well.  The Camex trade show was a crazy, long, stressful three days but it was hands down our smoothest and busiest show that I've worked with this company.  Ending last night on a bittersweet note knowing that there's a good chance I'll never see these sales reps that I've gotten to know so well over the past two years.  Time to take a deep breath for a day, relax, and hop on my 40 minute flight over to Austin.  Expect the SXSW posts to begin soon and check out some assorted shots from the past week.

Photo Journal

TBP Photo Journal TX1: FULGA

So there's a good chance that there's a solid chunk of people who follow the brand that think I do this full time. Spoiler Alert: I run TBP as a side project and work a day job as a marketing designer for a brand called David Peyser Sportswear that owns and/or holds licenses for brands such as MV Sport, The Game Headwear, Weatherproof Outerwear, Weatherproof Vintage, Gallery, and Tumi.  Go into any college bookstore or a gift shop in your closest resort town and you'll probably see some of our work.  My primary responsibility is to handle everything from our catalogs, to eblasts, to hang tags, care tags and store signage.  A few times a year I get to travel and work trade shows for MV Sport.  We're currently in Houston for a week working the CAMEX Trade show, which is the main trade show for college bookstores to flock together and buy school gear for the upcoming fall semester.  After a four hour delay for a mere 2" of snow, we were finally able to fly out of Laguardia.  We got to the hotel at about 9pm last night and spent the entire day setting up our 2,000 sq ft trade show booth and attending a college fashion show that our brand had sponsored.  Luckily for us, we were able to end the night with some cantina food and a few rounds of drinks.  We'll be working the trade show the next three days, then on Thursday the crew will be flying back to NY while I hop on a 40 minute flight over to Austin to hang for eight days and experience the almighty SXSW.  Hoping to keep the photo journal rolling like crazy over the next two weeks but you never know what will happen.  For now, check out some quick crappy photos from the past 24 hours in Houston, TX.