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Photo Journal

TBP Photo Journal 11: Hither Hills

With a ton of work and personal stress on the horizon the next few weeks, we decided to take a few days off and take advantage of our beautiful home.  I was born and raised in Suffolk County, and now that I'm pushing 25 I can finally say I visit the town of Montauk, New York.  We spent the weekend "camping" (if you wanna call it that) at Hither Hills State Park.  We lucked out.. by the time we finished the drive out there all of the rain had subsided.  Swimming, hiking, exploring, and a ton of time at the brewery.  Check out some of the shots from the trip after the break.


Photo Journal

TBP Photo Journal 10: NoFo Badge Hunting

Took a nice Sunday morning trip with the Alls Well Outdoors family to the North Fork of Long Island.  Exploring old barns, drinking great coffee, drooling over old packaging design, getting whipped by sand at the beach in Orient.  Great time all around.  Check out the roll after the break for some great vintage design inspiration and shots of some gorgeous North Shore beaches.

Photo Journal

TBP Photo Journal 08: Shorebreak "Misdirection" Release Show

So my plan was to show up early and shoot a ton of photos throughout the night.  Being the well-prepared human that I am, I showed up with a shit camera and two dead batteries.  On top of that, I completely forgot that I had my batteries charging the first half of the show.  Needless to say, I wound up just scrambling to taking a few really bad photographs.  My unpreparedness aside, this show was a banger.  Super cool seeing so many friends bands sell out AMH.  Proud of everyone and a few of these guys have some real bright futures ahead of em.  Check the few shots I pulled below.