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TBP Photo Journal 09: Nitswell Lasers

For as long as I can remember, my buddy Joe has been talking about how he wants to invest in an engraving laser.  Last year he took the first step.  He surprised the entire friend group and bought a damn house.  This year he figured he'd one-up himself and add a laser to his garage, so he did.  Even though he's been experimenting for weeks and has taken on his first few clients over the past couple of days, today is the official social launch of Nitswell.  What better way to promote the launch than a feature in the ever-so-popular TBP Photo Journal?  I kid.  I owed Joe some gear so I headed over to his place for a few hours of laser fun.  In the near future expect to see Nitswell turning out everything from coasters, to key chains, to store signage, to retail displays.  Super excited for what the next few months have in store.  For now, check a sneak peak of some TBP doodads and some laser magic.