TBP Listens: 2015 Year End List

The second annual TBP Listens: Year End List has finally come.  This year we saw a ton of old favorite put together some banging records, as well as some newcomers that gave the veterans a run for their money.  Below you'll find our standard 10-7-5-3-1 format with each piece having a quick blurb about the work.  Additionally, every release has a "Listen" link attached so you can see why we're so hyped on it.  What was your favorite record this year? Do you agree with our list? Hate some of the music we chose? Let us know!

Top 10 LPs of 2015

10) Purity Ring - Another Eternity (Listen)
Three years after their spooky debut Shrines, the Purity Ring duo came out with another record that will spin happily for years.  If Shrines was a cold, dark cave then Another Eternity is a bright, shining meadow.  The same Purity Ring feel is there, but the sound is on the opposite side of the emotional spectrum.  The happier, poppier sound of Another Eternity is probably indicative of a new direction for the band but we're definitely not mad about it.

09) Earl Sweatshirt - I Don't Like Shit I Don't Go Outside (Listen)
Earl is finally starting to create a sound of his own, slowly stepping away from the distinct Odd Future sound he broke through with. Lo-fi, evil, depressed.  IDLSIDGO is dark, and digs into a lot of the controversy surrounding Earl over the past few years. Crossing my fingers that this is the first but not last true "Earl" record.

08) Petal - Shame (Listen)
I'll start off by saying that Sooner will go down as one of the best songs of all time.  It was hands down one of my most anticipated records of the year and it did not disappoint.  From the melodies that you catch yourself humming all week, to the lyrics that you'd totally use as your AIM away message ---   This record does everything it needs to do.

07) Jeremih - Late Nights (Listen)
About damn time.  Jeremih finally dropped his long awaited Late Nights LP.  Not ashamed to say I bought it.  I could have done without the over produced club bangers, but there's enough R&B and slow jams to keep me interested.  Tons of killer features on this bad boy and an easy record to roll on repeat for a few hours.

06) Turnover - Peripheral Vision (Listen)
I really was hypercritical of the record after all of the hype.  The first few singles had me expecting a super emotional, nostalgic feel but most of the record didn't sway in that direction.  After I got past the initial expectations was able to fall in love with what the record really was.  Super excited to see what Turnover's next step will be.

05) Hurt Everybody - 2K47 (Listen)
Wow.  They did it again.  Roughly a year since they released their self titled that snagged the fourth spot on our list, they come back with another full length tape that even one-ups last year's banger.  Huge must-listen for any Chicago style hip hop fans, especially with a killer feature from the one and only Twista towards the end of the record.

04) Superheaven - Ours Is Chrome (Listen)
I was very scared that Superheaven was gonna go full Nirvana on this one.  I'm not a fan of Nirvana.  Thankfully, they didn't.  Record was a near perfect progression from Jar.  Though, I would have prefered some more tracks like Leach and Gushin' Blood, they do a great job of balancing the grunge-heavy tracks with some killer alt-rock jams.

03) Weed - Running Back (Listen)
In a year when everyone and their mother began to hop on the shoegaze and grunge revival trains, Weed put out a stand out record that will end up being a classic.  Perfectly noisy, perfectly moody.  One of my favorite rock records of all time.

02) Lil Ugly Mane - Oblivion Access (Listen)
It's pretty amazing how deep this record is.  Released in December, this was a late addition to the list.  This record is not the Mista Thug Isolation that got me hooked, but a deep and honest record that was years in the making.  I'm not one that's able to talk about the technicals of music, but this record left me absolutely speechless from start to finish.  Lyrically brilliant with such a diverse selection of production, this is a record you need to listen to to understand.  Sit back on the couch and soak this one in.

01) Title Fight - Hyperview (Listen)
Maybe it was the timing, maybe it was something else.  I had just finished binge watching the hipster cult classic TV show Twin Peaks when Hyperview leaked.  It just seemed like the moody soundtrack the show would have in 2015.  This record is flawless from front to back, swaying between the Title Fight of old and this new, dark and moody band writing the perfect cult classic soundtrack.  I'd go out on a limb and say that Title Fight solidified themselves as the best damn rock band in the world.

Top Seven EPs of 2014

07) BIND - Demo 2015 (Listen)
Political, metallic, crushing.  Super solid first showing from the Florida young guns

06) Jesus Piece - S/T (Listen)
Philly fight music.  Most evil EP this year.  Jesus Piece You Fake Ass Mother Fucker

05) Smino Brown - Sick! Sick! Sick! (Listen)
That Chicago-style hip hop that I would somewhat compare to Hurt Everybody, coming straight outta St. Louis.  This style hip hop and R&B is the future.

04) Shorebreak - Misdirection (Listen)
I've known the guys in Shorebreak for 8+ years and went to high school with most of them.  They took everyone by suprise this year with Misdirection.  Their previous records could be compared to early 2000s pop punk, but this EP takes a giant leap into modern times, putting the POP in pop punk.  A huge must-listen for anyone who's a fan of bands like The Story So Far, Stickup Kid and State Champs.

03) Day Wave - Come Home Now (Listen)
Only two tracks long, this lo-fi pop piece is truly amazing.  Perfect addition to any summer road trip play list.

02) Bobby Raps & Corbin - Couch Potato (Listen)
Two of the four members of last year's breakout group thestand4rd came back with an amazing club-banging EP with not one weak track.  Between Corbin's (formerly Spooky Black) smooth, droning voice and Bobby's deep introspective lyrics, this is exactly what you would expect from these Twin Cities heavyweights.  

01) Iris - Haunt Me (Listen)
Iris is putting out the music that Whirr was meant to create, without all the horrible publicity and shitty human beings involved.  A truly amazing shoegaze release that left me begging for a full length from the Toronto natives in 2016.

Top Five Songs of 2014

05) Carly Rae Jepsen - When I Needed You (Listen)
An 80s pop hit classic.  Play this at your damn Sweet Sixteen.

04) Day Wave - Come Home Now (Listen)
See the EP list.  A true summer jam.

03) Sunny Woods - Feel the Wave (Listen)
I swear if you're smoking and you can't feel this hook, there's something wrong with you.

02) Monte Booker - Kolors feat. Smino (Listen)
Never heard a beat go so hard.  The production on this one is insane.

01) Grimes - Flesh Without Blood (Listen)
Unfortunately, the new Grimes record isn't all like this.  One of the best pop songs I've ever heard.

Three Records I Slept On

03) Title Fight - Shed (Listen)
If you know me, you know that when Title Fight is brought up in conversation the first thing out of my mind is always "Yeah but Shed sucked."  I don't know what it was, but the one Title Fight record that couldn't grow on me, finally grew on me.  About damn time.

02) t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 - アンドロメダ (Listen)
I'll never fully understand this whole vaporwave thing, but this record is the best damn thing to sit and space out to.  Gotta do inventory? Telepath.  Gotta write a long ass email? Telepath.  Got nothing to do at all? Telepath.  The essential background music.

1) Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here (Listen)
I'm not sure if I never gave this record a full chance, or never listened to it with full attention but it was always Colourmeinkindness, Songs About the Weather, then everything else.  I've always loved Basement but never understood the hype around this album.  I finally had it catch on, and it wound up being my number one played album this year, regardless of release year. 

One Breakout Artist

1) Smino (Listen)
Last year Hurt Everybody came out of nowhere and easily became my favorite hip hop group.  This year, Smino released two EPs and collabed on a few songs.  These releases immediately catapulted Smino as the highlight of all my playlists.  This dude will blow up in 2016.  Thanks me later.