Road Log #1: First Month Ramble

A month deep. Well, a month and four days now. Boy how time flies. The last time we took a cross country trip we did it in something like 24 days, so getting used to taking things slow was definitely a bit of a change. Looking back on it, it's amazing how much we romanticized the idea of working from the road. Turns out that when you spend all day collecting firewood, setting up camp and cooking your meals for the day you usually don't have much excess time or energy to sit down and work on beer label proposals. We've tried to keep a steady pace and have definitely been getting our work done, but the idea of weekly blog posts and features flew out the window real quick once we got going.

We're currently sitting in a coffee shop in Austin, TX --- where we'll be spending our next week. Finally taking some time to regroup, catch up on some freelance, and prep some new TBPD gear. Later next week we'll be releasing a small collection featuring short runs of long sleeves, fleece, and two one-off tees, as well as, a pretty cool collaboration with our friends in Thieves. After Austin, we'll be hauling ass for a bit to hit Colorado and New Mexico before heading to Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving with family.

Slowly but surely, we're learning how to handle our schedules, organize the truck properly, and feed ourselves on a budget. It's been a blast so far getting to set up camp and sleep in the truck. I was expecting the sleeping situation to be way more claustrophobic than it really is. We've done a great job of not paying too much for sleeping situations to this point. We've been pretty lucky to stay with friends and family a bunch of nights, but have mostly found free campsites. While we were in Asheville we got to camp, but it was an odd situation. We paid a few bucks a night to sleep in the backyard of a hostel, which ultimately wound up being a great decision. Between the showers, free wifi and small breakfast every day it pretty much cost less than what we would have paid for those things separately.

As far as our nights sleeping in the truck, we've only had one real incident, but it wound up being a pretty cool story. We posted up for another night in the truck in a parking lot on the Gulf Islands National Seashore (Pensacola Beach, FL.) Both the internet and local friends had told us that as long as the lots aren't specifically marked "no overnight parking" then we'd be good. Around 3am we woke up to a flashlight in our faces. A very nice cop came by to check on us. To our surprise, he informed us that there's actually no overnight parking allowed anywhere in that county. He then ran our licenses to make sure we weren't felons (turns out we're not!) and told us stories of his surfing days when he would take week-long trips in his car down to Cocoa Beach and spend his nights in the back of his car or in a tent. Always really cool hearing road trip stories from other people, especially a surf cop that's interrogating us as we lay in the back of our truck in the middle of the night. Thankfully, he let us finish the night sleeping in the car since it was so late and there was nowhere else for us to go. We said our thanks as he road his cop bike off into the sunse-, uh, sunrise.

It's people like Surf Cop that make this trip all worth it. We've spent days driving in the truck where we absolutely want to kill each other. But all the great people we're meeting along the way keeps us motivated and hyped to keep the trip going.

I know I've said it a few times, but we finally are going to have some more fresh content flying your way this week now that we're posted up with no crazy driving schedule. Be sure to keep an eye on the Store and Blog as well as our always-updating Photo Journal section.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. Do you want more blog posts like this or would you prefer just short social media posts and photo journals? Be sure to reach out and let us know! Thanks a ton.

Charles / The Beaten Path Distribution