Photo Journal

TBP Photo Journal T1: Hudson Valley & Western New York

Finally in a bed, finally have wifi, finally catching up 100+ emails.  We've technically been on the road for almost five days now, even if it was a bit delayed at the start.  Three different car problems while in East Islip, NY.  Got those solved.  Finally got off the island on Monday and spent the day hanging out in the Hudson Valley, getting to visit friends in Beacon and New Paltz.  Crash in New Paltz and hop on the road at 6am Tuesday to make it all the way to Elmira, NY where we've set up home base at Claire's mother's house until Friday.  A few days to relax, regroup, and watch the Mets before we head out to hit our next few stops which include Buffalo, Philly and DC.  Check the roll below for some quick shots from the past few days and keep an eye out for a more detailed blog entry about the happenings in our first week along with a Small Business Spotlight on my new favorite food spot.  Thanks again and see ya out there.