TBP Photo Journal T3: Philly & D.C.

Been a wild few days here in North Carolina. Currently posted up in a hostel and trying to get around to queuing up the past week or two's worth of photos. Here are a few shots from our stay in Philly and D.C. Got to see some friends in Philly while getting to check out ReAnimator Coffee as well as the La Colombe Fishtown location, both of which were gorgeous. While in D.C. we got to meet plenty of dogs (almost took one with us!) and we got to husk and roast our own coffee that was brought back from Uganda by Claire's brother. Very cool to see coffee at a different stage in the "bean to cup" process. Hoping to get our first couple shots with our new camera up today as well, but we all know stuff like that never goes according to plan.  Cheers!