Photo Journal

TBP Photo Journal 07: Chautauqua Lake / Guftsgiving 2015

Switched things up for Thanksgiving this year.  Claire's family rented a house on Chautauqua Lake, roughly 450 miles from where we live.  A few years back while on a cross country trip I totaled my truck in a snowstorm outside of Indianapolis.  Ever since then I've had an extremely difficult time getting back on the horse and I avoid driving in freezing temperatures at all costs.  That being said, the only other option was to take public transit up there, another huge trigger for my anxiety.  Long story short, I manned up and we took the long way up.  LIRR from Amityville to Penn Station.  Penn Station to Port Authority.  Port Authority bus to Binghamton.  Binghamton bus to Elmira.  Eventually we met up at Claire's fathers house in Elmira and he was kind enough to give us a ride the rest of the way up to the lake.

The weekend was unlike anything my family has done for the holidays, and I had an absolute blast.  Spent a few hours balancing Black Friday promos but overall had a really nice vacation.  Cooking turkey in a garbage can, pounding out six bottles of champagne as the sun came up, nights at Southern Tier brewery, and cooking 14 pizzas in the span of 12 hours.  Definitely a weekend to remember, even if the memories aren't so clear at this point.  Anywho, I managed to snap a few photos along the way before my camera battery died. Check 'em out below and I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season.