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Dirty Up for The Beaten Path Distribution

Rewind back to the Summer of 2013 when I was interning at Mishka and basically the only thing I was listening to was the music they played in the office and featured on the Bloglin every day. Out of all the great music I added to my collection over those few months, one artist stuck out, Dirty Up.  Born Matthew Futch, Dirty Up is a Bay Area producer, illustrator, and artist coping with life on the East Coast.  Linked through a mutual friend, Matt shot me a message letting me know he is a fan of the line.  It's always cool when someone appreciates your work, but when it's someone whom you've been looking toward for inspiration over the past year it becomes that much more exciting.  It didn't take long for Matt and I to realize that we have similar goals and that we would both benefit from a collaborative piece.

Today we bring you the Dirty Up x TBP Ocean Tee.  Front graphic is a polaroid photo taken by Dirty Up himself, with a TBP photo overlay logo hit on the back.  Along with this tee we are releasing Matt's most recent track, We Fell Asleep On Ocean Beach, which is an exclusive Dirty Up for TBP release.  Whispering leads echo throughout the three-minute track while the drum hits and Dirty Up trademarked reversed-and-screwed vocals pull you back into a head-high atmospheric reality.  This track is the perfect audio representation of the artwork we used for the Ocean Tee.  

You can check out We Fell Asleep On Ocean Beach below and pick up the Dirty Up x TBP Ocean Tee for a limited time over at our shop.  Keep an eye out for more releases and projects in the future as we look to expand our relationship with the Bay Area heavy hitter currently known as Dirty Up.