TBP Listens: 2014 Year End List

For as long as I can remember I've always put out an "Album of the Year" list.  Last year I finally found a cool format that I'm comfortable with. Below you will find my Top 10 LPs, 7 EPs/Demos, 5 Individual tracks of the year along with three records I slept on from previous years but have been listening to regularly as of late.  

Along with the list I'll also be posting TBP Listens Volume Two sometime tomorrow night to cap the year off.  Be sure to give it a listen and vibe while looking back on an amazing year.  Feel free to let me know if you agree/disagree with the list and tell me what your favorite releases were this year.  See you in 2015.  Cheers.


Top 10 LPs of 2014

10) Antwon - Heavy Hearted In Doldrums (Listen)
Heavy hitter hip hop. Put on those neon short shorts, high socks, and sip on a pina colada on the beach in Miami. Nature World. 

09) Tycho - Awake (Listen)
If you know me you know how much of an influence Scott Hansen has had on my life.  Will always love everything he does but this one didn't hold up to Dive.  Still solid front to back. Excited to see where the full band adventure goes next.

08) thestand4rd - s/t (Listen)
Spooky Black, Bobby Raps, Psymun and Allan Kingdom. Twin Cities supergroup absolutely murdering the r&b game.

07) Bones - Rotten (Listen)
Been a fan of Bones for close to two years now. First tape he's put out that's is above average from front to back. Not one bad track and not one track has screaming (Thank God.)

06) Code Orange - I Am King (Listen)
All the hype had me expecting a pile of dog shit, (wasn't a fan of their last release) but they did in fact deliver. Thankful I got to see them play at my college multiple times a few years ago. None heavier this year.

05) Lucki Eck$ - Body High (Listen)
Chiraq pill rap. 2015 is going to be this kid's year. Pop a xan and listen to this while staring at the ceiling. Thank me later. 

04) Hurt Everybody - Hurt Everybody EP (Listen)
They call it an EP but it's 14 tracks so hell with that. Total sleeper. R&B, hip hop and feels.  If I had to recommend one record on this list for you to listen to right now it is this one eleven out of ten times.  Thank you Mishka for putting me on.

03) Whirr - Sway (Listen)
I was very skeptical when I heard their vocalist was no longer with them but this record blows away anything the band has done in the past.  Shame on me for ever doubting them.

02) Pianos Become the Teeth - Keep You (Listen)
Only record I actually cried to.  Actually, I cried the entire time.  Taking the aspects of death that you don't speak of and turning it into art.  Surreal record.

01) Souvenirs - You, Fear, and Me (Listen)
Raw, human relationship-related emotion in the vein of early Seahaven. The latest entry (December release date) wound up being the best entry. I can't see myself turning this record off for a very long time.


Top Seven EPs of 2014

07) Whirr / Nothing - Whirr / Nothing (Listen)
Whirr can't do much wrong this year. Still on the fence about Nothing. Chloroform is their coolest track this year.

06) No Good News - Disposable Summer (Listen)
Great friends doing great things.  Clean pop punk done right.

05) Basement - Further Sky (Listen)
Grow your hair out and put on a flannel shirt, the 90s are back.

04) Com Truise - Wave 1 (Listen)
80s dance party as always, but this time every track is a solid B+ or better.  I throw this on a loop whenever I have to hit a tight deadline.

03) Surrenderdorothy - It's The Least We Can Do (Listen)
Experimental side project of Bones. Chill folky/ambient type jams.

02) Spooky Black - Leaving (Listen)
All of the sads. Little kid doing huge things with his voice.

01) Thieves - Colorchange (Listen)
Progression from previous records is phenomenal. The style has changed but their anger, hunger and passion is just the same.  10/10, can't wait for the new full length.


Top Five Songs of 2014

05) Bloom - Dorm Room (Listen)
Very eerie and emotional.  Nothing else they've put out feels this good (depressing.)

04) Child Actor - Against The Night (Listen)
If you hate this song, you hate fun. Plain and simple.

03) Bones - The Return of the Pimp (Listen)
Such a sick Three6 / Memphis toughness to it. Sad white kid turn up.

02) Code Orange - Dreams In Inertia (Listen)
Not really sure how they pulled it off, but they did. Stand out track on I Am King.

01) Whirr - Sway (Listen)
The one song I want to be playing as I'm slowly slipping into death.


Three Records I Slept On

03) Harms Way - Blinded (Listen)
Always dismissed this record because of the opening track was super boring for me.  Rest of the record has some of the toughest riffs on Earth.

02) Adventures - Adventures EP (Listen)
In my mind they were just another shitty Tigers Jaw, Joyce Manor, Pity Sex band.  They are not.  They are in fact very good.

1) Washed Out - Paracosm (Listen)
Not sure how this slipped through the cracks for so long.  Probably the most played record in the Hommebase studio this past summer.