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Warehouse Sale At Hommebase - One Day Only

For the past six months three friends and I have shared a small warehouse space that served as a hub for our creative minds to mash together and run our respective businesses.  This spot we branded as our Hommebase.  We have our dude Joe from Oak-N-Iron doing his woodworking, John from Live Source handling local events and Robbie Santos killing it with his paintings and other weird art.  We really turned this spot into our own over the past half-year.  Plenty of long nights of working, skateboarding, drinking, smoking and blowing shit up have occurred.  You can either look at it as something sad, or a blessing in disguise, but our lease was only for six months.  Oddly enough I will be moving into a new home with a private studio and a finished attic with enough space to store all of the inventory.  As for the others, Joe just bought a house, John is too busy running to and from events, and Robbie is swamped trying to balance work and school.  All things being said, the timing for ending Hommebase probably couldn't have been more perfect.

This Saturday we will be celebrating/mourning the death of our good ol' pal, Hommebase.  From 11am-3pm The Beaten Path Distribution will be hosting a small get together and warehouse sale.  I'll be trying my best to lighten the load of inventory to make the move easier next week, so expect great deals and giveaways throughout the day.  We will be selling one-off samples, unreleased color ways, as well as products from the past and future.  The entire day there will be items that are up to 80% off but if you arrive before noon you will be able to swoop in and rip through a bin full of $1 items.  On top of the clothing sale I'll also be serving up free samples of TBPD cold brew coffee that will eventually be bottled and release alongside our Spring/Summer collection, as well as hand pressing and selling shots of espresso for a dollar each.  A few friends will also will be swinging by to sell some records, band merch, and other various items.

Hommebase is located only one mile away from the Pinelawn LIRR station, and about a mile off of the Southern State Parkway, so the commute there is relatively easy.  Please try to car pool and show up early as there is limited parking available.  We do have neighboring businesses that occasionally swing by their warehouse spaces, so please be respectful.

Hopefully we'll see a bunch of friends and strangers alike come by to hang out, drink some coffee, skateboard a bit, and cop some new gear with grandma's Christmas money.  Until then, check out some photos that capture the life and death of our fallen friend, Hommebase.